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Term & Conditions

Please read the Terms of Use (the "Agreement") carefully before you download, install, use all or any part of the "HalloShare" application. but not limited to, software, files and related materials) or use the services provided by INC group to connect to the Application. You agree and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement when performing the above actions. In case you disagree with any of our terms of use (this version and the updated versions), please do not download, install, use the Application, or remove the Application from the device. be mobile.

1. Update:

This Agreement may be updated regularly by INC group, the updated version shall be published at The updated version will replace the terms and conditions of the original agreement. You can visit the App or visit the website above to view the details of the updated version.

2. Introduction to Applications

HalloShare is a messaging and multimedia application exclusively for mobile users. The application uses phone numbers and contacts as the basis for the following key features: (1) Voice messaging, (2) Connectivity by location and interest, (3) Sharing of moments and emotions. . It supports all Android, iOS, and Java platforms.

3. Application Ownership

This application is developed and owned by INC group, all intellectual property rights relating to the Application (including but not limited to source code, images, data, information, content contained modifications, additions, updates of the Application) and related documentation (if any) will be solely owned by INC group and no individual or entity is allowed to copy copy, reproduce, distribute, or otherwise violate the rights of the owner without the express written consent of INC group.

4. Account

In order to use the Application you must create an account upon our request, you agree that the use of the account must comply with the provisions of INC group, and all the information you give We are correct, accurate, complete with at the time required. All your rights and obligations will be based on the account information you have registered, so if there is any false information we will not be liable in the event that such information affects or expires. Your benefits.

5. Account

You have the right to use the Application and other services we provide, but such use shall not include the following acts without the written consent of INC group.

  • Copy, modify, reproduce, create derivative works from, or derivative of this Application;
  • Sell, transfer, reauthorize, disclose or otherwise transfer, or make a partial or whole Application to any third party;
  • Use the Application to provide services to any third party (organization or individual);
  • Move, remove, change any legitimate notice or sign of the Application (including but not limited to copyright claims);
  • Redesign, Compile, Remove, Modify, Replace the Application's Design or Application Content
  • Change or cancel the initial state of the Application;
  • Use the Application to take any action that harms INC group's network security system, including but not limited to data usage or access to system servers or unauthorized accounts; access to the network to delete, edit and add information; distribute malicious programs, viruses, or take any other action to harm or destroy the network;
  • Signing in and using the Application with a third party compatible software or system not developed, licensed or approved by INC group;
  • Use, sell, loan, copy, modify, connect to, translate, distribute, publish, or otherwise make available any information relating to the Application; to develop derivative works, work or services;
  • Use the Application to post, transmit, transmit or store information that violates the law, violates the fine traditions of the nation.
  • Use the Application to use, post, transmit, transmit, or archive any content that infringes an intellectual property right, trade secret or third party's legal rights;
  • Use the Application or other services provided by INC group in any manner that violates any law, for any illegal purpose;
  • Other violations.

6. Dealing with Violations

If you violate any of the provisions of this Agreement, INC group has the right to immediately lock your account and / or remove all offending content and information, and at the same time, The nature and extent of the breach will be liable to the competent authority, INC group and any third party for any damage caused by or arising out of your breach.

7. Rights to Access and Collection of Information

(a) By using the Application, you acknowledge that we have the right to use the following system APIs to access the data on your device: (1) Read and write to your phone book, (2) Get your current location with your consent, (3) write your application data to a memory card, (4) access the Internet from your device. All of these accesses are made by us after your consent, so you commit and acknowledge that, once you have given us your permission, you will not have any claims against us. with INC group about this access.

(b) Along with your access, we will collect the following information.

  • Personal information: includes the information you provide us to confirm your account, such as name, telephone number, identity card number, email address;
  • General information: such as information about your phone's configuration, HalloShare version information you are using for your phone;
  • Your location information: Your geo-location data will be stored on the server to help you use App Search functionality.
  • Phonebook: We will store your telephone directory on the server to best assist you in using the application and avoid losing your data. We are committed to respecting and not using your telephone directory for any purpose without your consent.
  • We do not take any measures to monitor the content of messages, exchanges or other forms to track users using this Application.

8. Confidential Information Security

INC group uses secure https and encrypted communications to transmit and store your personal and communication data. We are committed to keeping all information you provide to INC group confidential, or we collect from you and do not disclose to any third party unless required by the State Government.